regarding the music of turkish-german society in germany

Avrupa Turkiyeli Toplumcular Federasyonu Korosu – 1970 Ler

Turkiye Isçci Sinifina Selam / ATTF Isçi Korosu

Another one from ATTF (choir of Turkish workers in Europe) – 70s

What’s in Germany? By Metin Turkoz. Satirical Calssic about Turks view of Germans

Semame, the most popular Halay song in turkish Weddings in Germany

Misket dance, by Köceks, (professional male dancers who dance in female clothes)

Male couple dance in Turkish Wedding in Germany, unknown place

Oy Bahcenize ben girmedim, one of the most popular folk songs played in Wedding Halls in Berlin during the 70s

Extract from an Alevi Semah

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